Have you ever wondered how some people could build a successful startup, work in a lab as a geneticist, speak on the world stage and build brain computer interfaces before they even hit 18?

Well, The Knowledge Society (TKS) has produced many of these wonderful talents.

Speaking to Nazra, who was the first employee at The Knowledge Society, I learned a LOT. Nazra joined The Knowledge Society when she was 16. Within the year, she was building their community, speaking around the world and spearheading their global expansion.

How did she manage to do so much?

How do people like…

There are a lot of guides, courses and masterminds on how to grow your Twitter account’s followers.

I’ve signed up and gone through the most recommended guides to save you time.

A lot of the advice often overlaps between guides. Julian Shapiro’s Tweet pretty much encapsulates the primary advice from $1,000 paid courses and $50 eBooks.

That is:

1) Learn copywriting 2) Respond quickly to Tweets of bigger accounts in your domain 3) Write and try to get Retweets. 4) Optimise your profile

Without further ado, here are the main strategies advocated for growing your Twitter followers.

Engaging More Than You Tweet When You Don’t Have A Large Following Yet

The reasoning goes…

In the early days of the global pandemic when lockdowns were beginning to set in, many metropolitan dwellers who had the option of leaving, returned to their hometowns. In their exodus, they left behind a void in usually bustling cities. Rental prices for central locations plummeted. Shared common spaces for activities such as the office and the gym had to shut. For most people, spaces that once hosted activities usually separated from the sphere of homelife, became blended.

Many people were forced to search for an online alternative to their usual Third Place. For some, their search resulted in net…

Where there is money to be made, there will always be speculators hoping to ride the wave. In 2017, it was Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), right now there’s a lot of hype in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Last month, the trading volume of the NFT market was $342 million. In comparison, the entire year’s trading volume of the NFT market in 2020 was only around $200 million. This trading volume has coincided with cryptocurrency price increases, an interest in Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and massive digital art sales like that from Grimes.

Everyone is rushing to becoming an artist now

One of…

The stories we tell ourselves is what we tell others and in a way determines our reality.

When we convince ourselves of the stories, we may be influenced or look to influence. As old as the words, ethos and pathos, values are used to espouse messages and convince a crowd to take action.

One such technique for this is known as public narrative which has been used by business figures and politicians like Elon Musk and Obama. It is a method to structure speech created by Harvard Professor, Marshall Ganz. …

Right now, we can see this through fast-acting Reddit swarms versus reactionary forces. Earlier this week, a friend messaged me about a bot he built to follow an index of meme stocks. A few days later, the French Wall Street Bets finance revolution of retail investors reached a frenzy.

Chaos, or deterministic chaos in this case, is a simple but nonlinear rule that generates random and unpredictable behaviour. In the long term, this behaviour is difficult or impossible to predict. …

Marc Lore is a man who has gone up against Amazon several times and has been successful. For the past five years after starting Jet.com and being acquired by Walmart, he has been at the helm of Walmart’s e-commerce business efforts against Amazon. Last week he stepped down. This week we cover the lore.

Amazon is a really tough business to go up against. There are very few entrepreneurs who have gone up and succeeded.

How Amazon operates and behaves is almost like a monopsony. It controls or dominates the demand for goods and services with its marketplace and own…

Jack Ma and Jack Dorsey, two of the leading tech entrepreneurs for their respective nations, are currently perfect juxtapositions for how different their respective countries’ systems are in managing the power of tech giants and digital information infrastructure.

In October 2020, Jack Ma, China’s wealthiest man and the model idol of China Inc., was preparing to float Ant Group, in what was billed to be the largest IPO in the world. There were signs that the Chinese government was already looking to reign in some of the Chinese Tech Giant’s influence. On October 24, Ma made a rather controversial speech…

What the 1900s thought of the 2000s

According to the ever reliable Wikipedia, Michel de Nostredame (aka Nostradamus) is said to have made 6,338 predictions in his almanacs. Of those predictions, a number have been proven to be ‘correct’. A quick search on YouTube will often show that The Simpsons is equally good at predicting the future. For example, a video essay by ScreenRant shows that a lot of what has been shown on The Simpsons have ‘come to pass in 2020.

How accurate are people’s predictive faculties?

One of the most famous studies on prediction was done by political scientist, Philip Tetlock in his 2006 book Expert Political Judgment. In his research…

“Time flows in strange ways on Sundays, and sights become mysteriously distorted.”

- Haruki Murakami
In 1Q84, a novel on a fictionalised 1984 running in parallel to the “real” one.

A week in summary: Wanderlusting

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  • AirBnB’s stock doubles from its IPO price. Last week, the stock was sold to new investors at $68. Since launching on Thursday, prices have gone past $148 valuing the company at over $88 billion. …

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